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Art Lesson Plans

Please visit Art with Katie Cordy to see examples of past lesson plans taught on Zoom during the height of Covid. In-person, I teach eleven 130-135 minute lessons and one 65 minute lesson a year.

Digital Art

I primarily use Adobe Photoshop for painting illustrations. These full paintings take anywhere from four to twelve hours, depending on the complexity. While some of these were traced from my sketchbook before being colored, others were drawn from scratch on Photoshop.

Commissioned Illustrations

In my free time, I occasionally choose to accept art commissions that interest me. The majority of my recent illustrations have been completed for the publishing imprint Space Wizard Science Fantasy.

I painted the interior illustrations of the adult sci-fi fantasy anthology Distant Gardens, edited by J.S. Fields and Heather Tracy, with stories by Sara Codair, William C. Tracy, N.L. Bates, Robin C.M. Duncan, and J.S. Fields, published by Space Wizard Science Fantasy. I cannot show the illustrations here, but the book can be bought at Barnes and Noble as well as Amazon.

I have also been hired for illustration work for Project JUNO by Daniel W. Eavenson.


During the summer of 2020, I was hired by Curiosity Untamed to create a reflection to go over each of their badge images. Curiosity Untamed wanted a 2D Photoshop solution, as rendering a 3D version of 27,000 badges was possible, but an expensive and time-consuming task. The challenge was to create a layered painting where each badge could be imported automatically underneath my painted reflection to create a 3D look.

Using a reference photo and Photoshop, I painted the reflection and shadow by hand on a computer-created flat grey circle. You can see the completed reflections all over Curiosity Untamed’s website.

An example of the steps used to create the new badge reflection, from the original grey circle to the finished product.
If the image isn't working, you can find example badges on Curiosity Untamed's website.
Example of four of the thousands of badges Curiosity Untamed offers.

Social Media

During the summer of 2019, I was in charge of creating media via Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Spark for the social media accounts for Curiosity Untamed. I then regularly posted these images through Hootsuite. When Curiosity Untamed decided to modernize and broaden its curriculum, I taught my social media successor before switching projects. 

All of these images were created using Curiosity Untamed’s flat badge images and commercial-use, royalty-free images from sites such as Pexels and Pixabay. I used photomanipulation and painting to combine these images. On average, it would take me roughly fifteen to twenty minutes to create one social media image, depending on the complexity.