World of Alturas

The protagonist, Ireen, overlooking her hometown of Borrel.

When Googling my name, you may come across my primary website, the World of Alturas, for the book series I am writing. I am of the firm belief that a person must learn how to balance all aspects of their life, and not overwork themselves nor lack ambition. When I come home at the end of the day, I work on the books that I have been planning for the last several years. I wrote my first book, Name of the King, between August and December of 2019. With the help of an international writing group of published authors, I am currently revising Name of the King in preparation for querying it for publishing. All of the art for the World of Alturas is done by me and a small selection can be viewed on the Portfolio page.

If you have questions about the World of Alturas, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions, or contact me.