About Me

My name is Katie Cordy, and I am teahcer, illustrator, and an aspiring author and who loves to combine my passions for literature, art, and technology. In my spare time, I am revising my book The Name of the King for publication.

Discovering the World

I have a strong passion for curiosity and wonder. My family taught me from a young age that the best way to experience the world is first hand. My fearless grandmother in particular believed in collecting experiences, whether they be right in one’s own home, or half a world away. The best way to discover the world is jumping in with both feet.

I have had unusual opportunities to travel since I was young. This has given me a strong appreciation for diversity, both in my own community, and in the world at large. I enjoy participating in traditions and cultures I am unfamiliar with. This often leads to fun surprises, like the fact that I absolutely adore haggis, which is made from sheep guts and seasoning.


In my apartment, I have nearly 900 books in a dedicated library room. Literature, both fictional and non-fiction, has an unbelievable way of letting one explore the universe and beyond from the comfort of a chair. I love collecting encyclopedias and how-to’s to continually further my education. I take joy in taking book recommendations and giving them in return. I always try to keep up with the newest literary craze that has people bouncing around in joy. I am a huge proponent of libraries, both in schools and in the public.


Once I picked up my first crayon, I never stopped drawing. I love to challenge myself and see how I can continually push myself to improve. I often share my drawings with children, creating sketches of their favorite animals and pets. I have kept every drawing a child has ever given me.

As an artist, I worked for Curiosity Untamed to create social media posts through photomanipulation. In my spare time, I take illustrating commissions when I’m not working on my own artistic plans.

Point Lobos, California, during a 4th grade camping trip.


I am endlessly fascinated by today’s technology and the future it may lead us to. The allure has continually pushed me to self-educate, from Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro, to WordPress and HTML. Like a sponge, I am eager to learn the newest technology whenever possible. I am especially passionate about technology that can improve the life of others, such as e-content in libraries, reading pens, screen readers, and more.